Coaching Skills Program

Program Overview

In today’s rapidly changing global business environment, coaching has become an indispensable leadership skill.

Our coaching skills program gives you the skills you need to help your staff members lead their own development. The program also helps you adapt coaching skills to nurture next-generation leaders within your team and give them a sense of independence and drive to work together toward a collective vision.

You will gain valuable hands-on practice through role-plays and exercises that simulate real-world work scenarios. You will leave the program with the tools needed to align staff development with company goals, improve their performance and raise their level of engagement at work. 

Program Objectives

  • Understand what coaching is and how it fits in to various methods of talent development
  • Understand the five key elements of effective coaching
  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary coach effectively
  • Conduct an effective coaching session through role playing based on real-world situations


  • Managers and team leaders who seek to enhance workplace relationships, encourage growth and foster independence in their subordinates
  • Anyone seeking to enhance productivity through more effective communication with subordinates