Corporate Culture Change Design & Implementation

Program Overview

As a verb, “change” can be used in two manners; transitively (indicating external action) and intransitively (indicating internal action). Most leaders and consultants use the former more often, but at PFC we prefer the later.

We believe “change” should come from within as opposed to being imposed by outside forces. We think change should be internal and essential, not superficial.

Simple change can be made by rewriting documents or replacing the old with the new. But in order to really change organizational culture or consciousness, it is necessary to foster an environment where employees can initiate change on their own.

In turn, the organization must support these initiatives to maintain the momentum of change and to manage a series of actions that result in real change.

PFC supports cultural change in client organizations as follows: 

PFC Solutions 

“Cultural change” is a simple term, but each organization’s goals and processes towards achieving these goals vary greatly. In order to better offer customized solutions for each client’s unique needs and mindset, PFC has organized cultural change into several categories.




All-Level Cascade: Auto-parts Manufacturer
Implemented initiatives to develop a sense of ownership and vitalize communication so that employees felt empowered instead of being “forced” to perform. All company executives received training first, and then the company vision and change plan (“building a culture of open and active discussion”) were communicated to managers and general employees in a cascading manner. At the same time, innovation in work processes/structure and re-examination of organization and systems were also conducted.

Operation Improvement: Major Automaker
Through operation improvement initiatives, we established a culture that embraced “cross-functionality + speed,” in which cross-functional team members or “change agents” in each field proposed cost reduction plans. Plans were submitted for quick approval/disapproval.

New Culture Experience/Integration: Major Service Company
Through assimilation (dialog with the top management) and a one-week training program for persons in charge of each facility, we continuously implemented measures for developing and establishing a new corporate culture. Many staff members were trained to be “change agents,” which accelerated dissemination of the new culture to facilities nationwide.

Change in Consciousness: Major Retailer
Faced with the primary goal of implementing cultural change at each shop, we implemented a program to cultivate a new mindset and the skills necessary for cultural change among all shop managers that integrated the opinions of all parties involved. Employee-awareness surveys conducted at the shops whose managers received the training program showed increased scores across the board.