Facilitation Skills Program

Program Overview

In today’s fast-paced business world, organizations are increasingly looking to facilitators to make it easier for work teams to achieve their meeting and project goals.

Successful facilitators balance effective communications, problem-solving and planning skills to guide the group process with an objective and neutral perspective to preserve an inclusive environment for honest dialogue, creative ideation and quality decision making.

PFC has been a leader in the facilitation field ever since we introduced facilitation-style leadership in Japan. We continue to capitalize on our broad experience and expertise in this field to deliver practical and relevant training to the market.

Program Objectives

  • Define the role of facilitation in team management and organizational change
  • Self-assess your facilitation skills to determine how best to apply your style to help teams achieve better results
  • Understand three key facilitation skill areas (skills for being creative, active and efficient)
  • Get feedback on your own facilitation style through group exercises
  • Create a meeting agenda and facilitation plan for an upcoming meeting at your firm


  • Anyone who seeks to enhance meeting productivity and team effectiveness in the workplace through active listening to staff ideas and improvement proposals
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about designing and supporting the process of goal setting, as well as facilitating conflict resolution towards reaching a consensus