Global Leadership Skills (Managers & Executives)

Program Overview

For many Japanese companies, the acceleration of global operations is a pressing business challenge, and efforts to adapt the organization and its human resources are often lagging behind.

In this program, participants learn the qualities of a global organization and global leaders to examine the real globalization challenges in their own company.

PFC defines a global leader as, “someone who continually considers how to optimize global operations and drive change by inspiring others from different countries and cultures” and “someone who values and leverages diversity. They are able to communicate, engage and align others with the corporate culture and values.”

Based on this definition, this program features hands-on training through which participants learn how to communicate the company vision or philosophy to employees of different cultural backgrounds.

Program Objectives

  • Shed light on current globalization challenges for organizations and their people
  • Share a vision of an ideal global leader and compare this ideal to your own behavior and actions
  • Learn a framework necessary for understanding different cultures and view your organization’s culture from a global standpoint
  • Practice how to communicate the vision and philosophy of your company to members of different cultural backgrounds
  • Develop an action plan for globalization at your company


  • Upper and mid-level managers who must face the challenges of global business and/or the globalization process of their organization, regardless of position, nationality, or language spoken.
  • Anyone who wants to re-examine their own company in order to cultivate a company-wide, global leadership style that can evoke real change.