Interview Skills Program

Program Overview

While employment interviews tend to rely heavily on intuition, the SAR Model helps to standardize this process and provide insights for finding the best candidate with the right competencies for the job.

Based on a program developed by the American company McDonald Anderson, countless companies use this technology. Program contents are customized to meet the employment objectives and work environment of each organization.

Program Objectives

  • Clarify your role in the interview process
  • Determine how to identify the competencies that can best predict success of a given job role
  • Learn interview techniques that increase the likelihood of making a successful hire
  • Learn how to ask pointed questions that provide insights into candidates’ past behaviors and accomplishments
  • Influence top candidates to accept positions at the company


  • Anyone who wants to learn to better evaluate employment candidates in order to hire more effective staff with competencies that better match their organization
  • Anyone who wants to hone their interview skills and conduct more effective interviews