Leadership Development Consulting

Program Overview

PFC develops and designs strategic training systems in close collaboration with clients to ensure HR and organizational development are clearly aligned with the client’s vision and business strategy.

This often starts with establishing and clarifying leadership roles, from executives to general employees, based on the concept of a “leadership pipeline”.*

The program aims at clarifying the role and required abilities of each position within the organization, as well as promoting seamless leadership development.

*Leadership pipeline: Concept in which leadership is fostered in all employees, regardless of department or rank in the organization (instead of depending on key charismatic leaders).


PFC defines leadership for each organizational rank as follows, and offers services such as institutional design, assessment, and various leadership training programs for each position within the organization.



A 2-day program includes: reviewing the company’s direction and strategies, practicing strategic planning, and creating/sharing/discussing HR enhancement measures to push forward and implement the planned strategy.

Department Heads
Interviews with department heads were held to diagnose and assess the specific needs and challenges to increase organizational effectiveness and, ultimately, competitiveness. Analysis of the results was conducted together with the head of the training department.

Section Chiefs
A 2-day program includes: identifying managerial roles, learning the concept of effective teams and team assessment, setting and communicating team goals, learning to manage work processes such as PDCA cycle and decision-making methods, acquiring coaching skills, and developing an action plan to strengthen teams and improve management skills.

Assistant Managers/Mid-Level Employees
A 2-day program includes: identifying roles, learning the concept of effective teams and team assessment, learning specific methods of individual contributions to the team, stakeholder analysis and mastering assertiveness skills (for mentoring junior employees, negotiating with other departments, etc.).

Contact Persons/Junior Employees
A 1-day program includes a review of team goals and their own behaviors and actions, learning of skills such as assertiveness (to communicate with others effectively) and active listening, all geared towards mastering self-directed leadership.