Logical Thinking for Problem Solving

Program Overview

The first step in mastering the thought process behind problem solving is to deepen understanding of the significance and necessity of logical and critical thinking processes.

This practical training program makes use of PFC’s experience and skills garnered through many years of helping myriad organizations hone their problem solving skills.

Our clients have benefitted greatly from this “action learning” program developed as a response to concerns such as, “I understand the theory and can solve the cases in training, but I have trouble thinking critically about actual problems in the workplace.”

As a follow-up to the in-class program, participants submit their written analysis of a problem (such as “the ideal resolved state and actual current state” of a real problem they want to solve) and receive feedback from the instructor on how to define the problem, examine all elements that relate to this problem, and how to implement practical solutions.

In a follow-up, in-class session one month after the program, participants will present their analysis of their real workplace problem and a proposal to solve it.

Program Objectives

  • Discover your own thinking “bad habits” and establish a better process of independent, logical thinking
  • Understand basic thought processes and steps required to drive problem solving
  • Acquire the mindset necessary for logical thinking and hypothesis testing to effectively and efficiently initiate problem solving
  • Learn basic analysis skills and practice by applying them to business situations
  • Master basic tools for problem solving through hands-on practice and application
  • Experience the process of problem solving through case studies and group work
  • Apply skills learned to an existing problem in your organization


  • Anyone who wants to more effectively and efficiently solve problems through identifying the root causes of the real-world problems they face
  • Anyone who wants to master problem-solving skills that apply to real-world situations or better understand the best problem solving solutions for any given situation