Presentation Skills

Program Overview

Global leadership is not only a desirable skill set for personnel posted overseas, it can also be extremely useful at your home company when leading a project with foreign staff or bringing a team on an overseas assignment.

Becoming a leader who is trusted by people of different cultures and can provide effective coaching to achieve results requires a wide range of skills. These include an understanding of cross-cultural issues, expertise in both cross-cultural and virtual communication, the ability to embody and communicate corporate culture, and the skills to initiate change when needed.

This program leverages PFC’s wide range of leadership trainings and rich experience in human-resource development across different cultures to teach participants the above skills both through theory and practical application.

Program Objectives

  • Handle the pressure of speaking before a group
  • Learn the finer points of posture, movement, manner of speech, and overall behavior during a presentation
  • Learn to create effective slides that reflect the key elements of the presentation and specifically address your audience
  • Learn to use visual aids effectively and logically
  • Clarify strengths and areas for improvement through practical presentation demonstrations and feedback
  • Learn to design and implement effective Q&A sessions


  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create and deliver a persuasive, high-impact presentation for both internal and external audiences
  • Anyone who wants to quickly and systematically enhance practical presentation skills