Team Building Workshops

Program Overview

The concept of the “team” is becoming increasing important in today’s global business environment. PFC’s understanding of “teams” is as follows:

  • An organization in the 21st century is an assembly of teams
  • Three essential factors of an effective team are:

    – Members share a common direction
    The team has an effective process
    Personal relationships between members are healthy and dynamic

  • A true team casts a spotlight on both individuals and the organization
    PFC offers comprehensive services including workshop design and implementation to help leaders form highly effective teams. By selecting contents from a wide range of exercises and techniques and providing a facilitator well versed in team-building, each workshop is geared towards achieving specific team goals


PFC divides team building into four categories and offers solutions within each category according to the needs of each organization.



A Japan subsidiary of a European financial institution held a two-day team-building event for all executives to remedy the lack of team spirit and collaboration after a restructuring. 

PFC Solution
We conducted preliminary interviews with the workshop participants (the CEO and a mixed group of Japanese and foreign executives) to gain an understanding of the current team dynamic.

We designed and facilitated a 2-day workshop. On Day 1, participants focused on discovering common goals while raising awareness of synergy between team members. Day 2 was aimed at producing practical output for future activations through a group discussion aimed at helping top management to function more effectively as a team.

Having fun and enjoying the first half of the session, participants began to open up and discover new aspects of one another. Later in the second half of the session, this relaxed and collaborative atmosphere helped the group to have open and productive discussions on serious business issues. The group arrived at a concrete action plan and another event was held six months later to monitor progress and troubleshoot.