How can Japanese firms help their global employees make a meaningful connection with their values?

The Scenario

With a shrinking domestic population and consumer market, it is critical for Japanese firms to engage their global workforce to drive growth through their overseas subsidiaries. Yet hiring the right people, or acquiring a local firm with talented employees, is only the first step to becoming globally competitive. Japanese companies need to retain and empower their overseas employees by helping them to connect with the organization’s values, so they can contribute in a way that is aligned with the business and personally meaningful. Continue reading “How can Japanese firms help their global employees make a meaningful connection with their values?”

How to fail spectatularly at leading in Japan

I recently talked with a European senior manager who came to Tokyo nine months earlier to take on an expat assignment leading a large, predominantly locally staffed subsidiary of a global company. At one point, I asked him, “So far, what’s the impact of cross-cultural communications on your work?”

“Nothing,” he answered. “It’s really not much different than back home.”

Hearing that was a big surprise for me. If it was for you too, you might find it even more surprising that I hear comments like this with slow but steady regularity from fellow expats in Japan. Continue reading “How to fail spectatularly at leading in Japan”

Embracing the complexities of global HR

In Japanese

Organizations are faced with increasing complexity as they grow their businesses globally. As a result, companies are innovating and transforming their global infrastructures, technical platforms and business functions to achieve their strategic business goals. However, too many organizations still have human resources departments that function primarily in an outdated and ineffective administrative capacity. Continue reading “Embracing the complexities of global HR”

Open Seminar: Working Effectively as an Expat Leader in Japan

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・Friday, September 7
13:00 – 17:30 (Door opens 12:30)

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Taking on new a leadership role can be challenging. That’s because of unclear expectations, unknown work processes and unfamiliar relationships. Most leaders need to deal with these challenges when we lead change in our home countries and cultures. Most expat leaders in Japan face the extra challenge of doing all this while at the same time navigating a significantly different culture and doing it in a language they do not speak fluently.

Continue reading “Open Seminar: Working Effectively as an Expat Leader in Japan”