Post-M&A Integration Design and Implementation

Program Overview

In today’s global business environment, there are many opportunities to interact with colleagues, clients or vendors from different cultural backgrounds. Doing business with people from Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East has become a daily occurrence. In order to be successful working with people of diverse backgrounds, you need to develop communication skills that go beyond merely language ability. PFC’s Global Team Building program helps participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and understand cultural differences, avoid friction and miscommunication to build relationships in teams that get results. After learning the fundamental knowledge needed to build synergistic, effective relationships, participants engage in exercises that teach them to develop their own communication styles that leverage such relationships. Participants then engage in exercises that teach them to develop their own communication by making the most of their personal strengths and knowledge.

Program Objectives

  • Lay a foundation for trust and communication in multi-cultural teams
  • Facilitate open and honest communication to share opinions and expectations of others in a cross-cultural situation
  • Help participants build self-awareness of their own ways of thinking and identify a set of values that will help the entire team become more effective
  • Help participants adapt work styles to an environment that includes people with diverse cultural backgrounds in order to collectively achieve results
  • Enable practical application in the workplace of program learning
  • Facilitate improved communication among participants so they can openly discuss team issues, present viable solutions, and create an action plan

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to learn to work synergistically with people from different backgrounds or with different beliefs, regardless of nationality, age, sex, culture or organizational affiliation.
  • Anyone who wants to help enhance adaptability in the age of globalization, on both a personal and organizational level