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Your partner for globally-focused change and growth.

Inspiration and growth come from within. We believe that internal inspiration is the key to helping individuals, teams and organizations succeed locally and globally. How do you take what works in one culture and make it work in another? How can you ensure your organization can compete globally? PFC helps unite diverse teams and personalities from within an organization to communicate more effectively, focus more clearly and act with common purpose. Whether you are seeking to globalize or simply improve the way you do business at home, we can help you prepare your organization for success.


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When it’s time to globalize your organization, we can help.

Success is a product of connecting, collaborating and sharing new experiences. That’s teamwork.

Empower your people with the skills to succeed.

Change is tough. You need a guiding light. We are there for you.

Developing leaders requires a balanced approach, featuring equal measures of guidance, support and opportunity.