Change Leadership Program

Program Overview

Today’s corporations are challenged to develop as many leaders as possible who are capable of implementing change, whether they are executives, middle managers or general employees.

Participants in PFC’s Change Leadership program will learn the qualities and initiative required to be a change leader while learning to face their own areas for improvement head on, ultimately arriving at a practical action plan designed for real change.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the 8 pitfalls of implementing change
  • Through case studies and role-plays, experience the tasks of a change leader such as: Creating a vision, Designing a change acceleration plan, Engaging others in the change, Dealing with resistance
  • Get constructive feedback on your own leadership skills
  • Design a plan for change based on your own department’s specific needs


  • Anyone seeking to enhance organizational development, introduce new systems to the workplace, facilitate interdepartmental integration, or tackle any other such tasks related to organizational change.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the knowledge and skills needed to evoke change, as well as methods for systematically applying these skills towards real change in the workplace.