Leadership Skills Program (Managers)

Program Overview

In this time of rapid change and aggressive competition, organizations must either be flexible to change or perish. It is no longer enough for a single leader to provide direction; every member of the team must be committed to goals and to developing the ideas and abilities of their team members.

Participants in this hands-on workshop will create a vision that meets the needs of the current ever-changing business environment, set a clear direction for the path forward, discuss ways to develop their people so that they can excel, and learn from the failures and successes of others.

Based on the leadership concepts put forward by Harvard professor John Kotter, participants will think about their own situations in detail, and strive to walk away at the end of the course with a viable action plan in hand.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the necessity of continuous change and the valuable role of change leaders
  • Learn and practice the five essential elements of Change Leadership
  • Produce concrete deliverables: a vision statement, coaching plan and/or a strategy to deal with resistance
  • Develop and share a cross-functional perspective of the situations and challenges faced by other workshop participants
  • With a preliminary 360° survey and follow-up after the workshop (optional), each participant’s challenges are highlighted to ensure effective implementation in the workplace


  • Executives, Managers and project leaders who are looking to sharpen their leadership skills in order to realize organizational change.
  • Forward thinkers who want to go beyond simply studying theory, focus on their own areas of improvement, and develop a practical change plan.