Performance Management Program

Program Overview

Today, maximizing individual and organizational performance depends on the integration of overall corporate strategy with the goals of each department and the goals of each individual.

Furthermore, a guided process for attaining goals must be in place. Although many firms employ detailed evaluation indicators and rating systems, unfortunately these tools often do not yield a significant increase in individual and organizational performance.

In order to achieve effective performance management, workplace managers must understand and implement the fundamental process of goal management (goal setting, evaluation, and feedback) as well as master the skills of effective communication. That is where this program delivers.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the meaning and cycle of performance management
  • Share the best practices of performance management through discussion
  • Understand objectives and importance of setting goals
  • Acquire coaching skills (feedback skills, active listening) to develop others and improve their performance
  • Learn key elements and practical application of conducting an evaluation meeting
  • Confirm the interpretation of performance ratings among all evaluators and reexamine your own understanding of the ratings to reduce bias


  • Anyone seeking to link enhanced productivity on an individual level to enhanced productivity of the organization as a whole
  • Anyone who wants to learn practical methods for enhancing the performance of their subordinates, including goal-setting and goal management