Pre-Departure Training for Expats

Program Overview


This program, which includes follow-up coaching after departure, teaches three critical skills global leaders need to overcome common difficulties related to working across cultures and achieve high-level work performance.

First, we help you find meaning in your overseas assignment and have the right mindset and self-awareness to adapt to another culture. This better equips you to fit in quickly and deliver results in your new environment.

Second, you will examine common real-world work issues that arise for expats and discuss approaches for resolving them.

Third, this program gives you both the cross cultural knowledge and communication skills to develop strong, trusting relationship with your local colleagues abroad and set realistic team goals at your new post.

Program Objectives

  • Clarify the meaning of your overseas assignment for your career
  • Gain a better understanding of difficulties expected in cross-cultural situations at your new post
  • Learn how to manage your energy to help you be effective in your role abroad
  • Learn a practical approach for understanding different cultures around the globe
  • Build communication skills to work effectively with members of different cultural backgrounds
  • Learn real-world tips on how to lead effectively at your new post abroad (through follow-up coaching)


  • Professionals with no or limited experience working and living outside of their own country
  • Expats whose work requires them to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and values
  • Professionals who are expected to contribute to their organization’s globalization business success