Team Leadership Program

Program Overview

The concept of “teams” is drawing renewed attention as a pivotal means of enhancing organizational performance. Team leadership is essential for helping team members exercise their full range of abilities, spontaneously and proactively participate in team activities, and cultivate synergy for the whole team.

In this training, our facilitators help participants develop goals and direction, establish effective work processes and division of roles, coach individual members as well as build trust and enhance team communication through facilitating team building discussions.

A “Team Effectiveness Survey”, which measures the performance of your team before the training, will be conducted to ensure participants attain concrete and practical results within their actual work teams.



Program Objectives

  • Understand the three elements that make up an effective team and learn tools to strengthen each element

    • Direction: Set vision and goals to be shared among team members
    • Process: Manage processes to achieve goals
    • People: Understand each member’s unique characteristics to leverage them as assets
  • Assess the effectiveness of your team and identify challenges
  • Learn coaching skills to develop individual team members
  • Design a team-building meeting
  • Make an action plan to strengthen your own team


  • Leaders who want to enhance awareness and change perspectives of teams in the workplace. Those who seek to learn how to create systematically effective teams
  • Managers or onsite team leaders who seek to continuously and consistently elicit positive results from their teams

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