Developing Leaders

Developing leaders requires a balanced approach, featuring equal measures of guidance, support and opportunity.

What makes a good leader? Some say that leaders are born, not made. We politely disagree. It’s a lifelong learning process. Leadership skills are developed and sharpened through experience and lots of hard work. Good leaders are always seeking to grow by expanding self-awareness, strengthening their interpersonal and influential skills, and encouraging discussion and debate.

Our coaches will help you to develop leaders in all levels of your organization. As your development partner we will also ensure that your leaders aspire to view the world through diverse and global perspectives.

Some leadership programs we offer:

Leadership Skills Program


No longer can organizations thrive with a top-down management approach. Globalization, social networking and rapidly changing news cycles require more leadership skills, even below the management level. This program is designed to help executives and managers sharpen their skills while also developing new leaders, who are ready to step up when needed.

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Change Leadership Program


Today, leaders, from executives to mid-managers, are often called on to implement change in an organization. This program will help leaders understand the eight pitfalls of implementing change, and take them through five key steps for successful change, including creating their vision and designing a change acceleration plan. 

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Leadership Discovery


When it’s time for personal reflection and a reevaluation of your own goals and aspirations, this program is for you. Regardless of rank or authority, the program is for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at his or her strengths and weaknesses. The objective is to develop a practical plan for self improvement, while enhancing leadership skills to reenergize your team. 

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Even executives need to polish their leadership skills and re-examine their vision. Coaching sessions are personalized and custom designed to address the needs of the individual and his or her organization. All key facets of the executive’s performance are explored from initial meetings to information gathering, with emphasis on setting goals, changing behavior and evaluating results. We also employ the PFC Leadership 360° Diagnostic Survey, a powerful tool for analyzing and evaluating leaders’ strengths and areas for improvement.

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Team Leadership Program


As good leaders know, cohesive, productive teams are essential to enhancing an organization’s performance. This program is designed to help leaders empower individual team members to exercise their full range of talents, while cooperating in team activities and cultivating group synergy. Leaders will learn about the three key elements that make up effective teams, how to set shared goals and motivate team members.

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