Enhancing Teamwork

Success is a product of connecting, collaborating and sharing new experiences. That’s teamwork.

No matter how large or small, every organization is comprised of teams. “Teams” are both fixed structures, such as departments or sections, and temporary alignments such as when people collaborate on projects or in task forces. No matter what the situation is, success in today’s mercurial business environment demands tight-knit teams that can quickly adapt to change and deliver results. Your organization’s competitive edge depends on developing teams that can work in unison toward a common goal.

Turning groups into high-performance teams

We have a model that can enable you to change your “groups” into “teams” and your teams into high-performance teams.  First our assessment tools will help you to identify the obstacles and opportunities in your organization. Then we will work with your managers to improve their leadership skills and facilitate communication between leaders, their staff and among all team members. Finally, we will help your team leaders create concrete action plans and coach them to execution.

Here are some of the teamwork programs we offer:

Team Leadership Program

As good leaders know, cohesive, productive teams are essential to enhancing an organization’s performance. This program is designed to help leaders empower individual team members to exercise their full range of talents, while cooperating in team activities and cultivating group synergy. Leaders will learn about the three key elements that make up effective teams, how to set shared goals and motivate team members.

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Team Building Workshops


In today’s “get it done now” business world, it’s important to assemble teams that can deliver quick results while enhancing organizational cohesion. We have identified three key factors that contribute to effective teams. Team members should 1) Share a common goal and direction, 2) Establish clear and effective roles, responsibilities and work processes, and 3) Develop healthy and dynamic relationships. Using a wide range of practical activities and self-analysis, PFC divides its team building workshops into four categories: improving alignment, building mutual understanding, solving problems, and engaging activities and games. We then develop methods for adapting each category to satisfy the needs of your organization.

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Team Effectiveness Assessment

When your organization has high expectations for a team, you want to make sure it’s a cohesive unit that’s ready to deliver. But, aside from results, how do you measure team performance?  Our Team Effectiveness Survey is an online tool featuring 30 questions based on PFC’s high performance team model. It’s designed to identify your team’s strengths and areas for improvement, and measure them against our database of nearly 1000 team surveys.  The results will help you to build high-performance teams that your organization can count on. 

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