Facilitating Change

Change is tough. You need a guiding light. We are there for you.

How can you convince your organization that change is needed? There will be resistance, no doubt, but change need not be unpleasant. We can help you communicate an inspiring vision that reaches all employees and provides a clear path to organizational transformation through guidance and support. Whether you need help navigating a tricky merger, acquisition, corporate reorganization or simply changing the workplace climate, PFC will support you.

Holistic solutions for engaging the entire organization.

We believe that organizational change depends on the engagement of all stakeholders, from top management to front-line employees. Our consultants will work directly with your executives to understand where your organization must go. And we will guide your change leaders through every step of the process to focus on what matters most to your organization and its goals. Here are some of the areas we specialize in:


  • Improving communication between managers and their teams

  • Encouraging alignment and cooperation between different departments

  • Making sure corporate vision and values permeate the entire organization

  • Facilitating sustainable engagement and motivation among employees

Here are some change and organizational development services we offer:

Change Leadership Program

This is a leadership program that will provide you with practical change management tools and skills.  Learn the eight common pitfalls of implementing change. Discover how to overcome them through case study analysis and practical exercises. Design a plan for change based on your own department or organization’s specific needs.

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Post M&A Integration

We have identified three main approaches to addressing corporate culture issues after a merger: assimilation, integration and separation. Discover which works best for your organization. We will guide you through the actual process in real time. 

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Corporate Culture Change

Together with your culture-change project team, we design a roadmap for engaging employees. Along the way, as the plan evolves, we coach change agents, project leaders and executives. 

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Instilling Corporate Values

While the leaders of many organizations are aware of the importance of establishing a core philosophy and values that can be embraced by all members, the challenge is to avoid a top-down approach that overlooks the feelings of each individual. PFC has developed a process for drawing out the personal work and life values of each employee and aligning them with corporate values.

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