Going Global

When its time to globalize your organization, we can help.

Our approach, our beliefs and our passions lie in the three words we call on to describe our business: people, focus and consulting. Our business is about people and we love to connect, collaborate and enjoy working together. We are professionals with a strong passion for guiding our clients to success. We offer proven approaches and solutions, but we also strive to be open, flexible and freethinking. We ask penetrating questions so that our clients can discover the most appropriate path for their success.

Doing business overseas demands local insight. We have the real world experience to put your plans into action.

Our consultants bring practical experience and perspective to the table. We communicate in more than five languages and have worked at leading companies around the world. As experienced global business professionals, we offer rich perspective on what it takes to succeed in a wide variety of cultures and industries. We will work side-by-side with your team to discover better ways to improve your organization’s effectiveness and the skills your people need to grow at home and abroad. We have more than 20 years of experience customizing programs that help organizations to:


  • Develop global leaders who can adapt their management styles to reflect the divergent needs of different cultures

  • Ensure that corporate values are globally embraced, while also seamlessly integrated with local cultures at overseas operations

  • Cultivate strong partnerships between HQ and overseas affiliates

  • Deliver effective local training that is consistent with global goals and core values

Globalization services we offer:

Global Communication Skills Program

How can you be more successful working with people from a diverse array of national, religious and cultural backgrounds? Analyze and understand cultural differences, identify what behaviors may lead to friction and miscommunication and discover ways to resolve and work through them. Create team norms and develop practical tactics for embracing team diversity in your organization.

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Global Leadership Skills (Managers & Executives)

What are the current globalization challenges for organizations and people? What does it take to lead a multicultural team or organization through a global expansion? Equip your key people with the mindset, knowledge and skills to become global leaders.

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Develop an understanding of what diversity and inclusion really mean, the difficulties and challenges they present, and why they are important to your organization. Learn what is expected of you and develop an action plan to build on your company’s existing diversity initiatives.

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