Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Talented people are the key for companies to be competitive. We at People Focus Consulting (PFC) see companies as networks of valuable and diverse people. We provide holistic development services at the organizational and individual level to enable clients to achieve their strategic goals and vision.

Our people are the heart of PFC and our core value to our clients. We are committed to the growth and continued learning of both our team and our partners.

We recognize and hold important all forms of diversity, including gender, race, nationality, lifestyle and values, and we strive to make our world more peaceful and sustainable by enabling all people to realize their potential in their organizations and in their communities.

We are determined to contribute to making our world peaceful and sustainable, and we will continue to ceaselessly act for the benefit of the world.

We consider social and environmental issues to be material to the success of our business and we take into consideration the impact to all our stakeholders, including clients, employees, shareholders, and suppliers, when making decisions.


Our Values


Drive growth

See both the big picture & essential needs

Be a team

Be independent

Respect differences

Keep a light heart