Miki Matsuoka

Miki Matsuoka
Senior Consultant

Miki’s career started at Recruit, where she was in charge of media planning for mid-career hires. She also developed a new business model to proactively match companies with prospective career changers, and took a leading role in a project to increase the sales momentum of Recruit’s 4,000 employees. Her sharp analytical skills let her quickly pinpoint high performers, and her black-belt level project management skills are second to none. In her work with Recruit’s Lifestyle Group, Miki’s proactive approach at engaging the Japan Tourism Agency led to a transformative project that saw her facilitating workshops and projects at over 70 local government bodies across Japan. With her support on these projects, local governments, including the tsunami-impacted Tohoku Region, arrived at a much-needed new perspective for marketing themselves. To ensure proper embedment of these plans in the client organizations, Miki also served as trainer and facilitator for new managers at the Japan Tourism Agency.

Since joining PFC, Miki has became a driving force in working closely with our clients to accurately identify and craft solutions for the organizational development issues they are grappling with. Miki is able to leverage her breadth of real-world experience when training both next-generation and seasoned leaders, coaching them as both individuals and teams as they devise next-level visions for their organizations. She also brings a wealth of experience in the area of diversity and inclusion training, and is highly skilled at co-developing and then facilitating programs custom fit to her client’s needs.

Miki also stays active even when she’s not working, doing freelance consulting for the revitalization of local communities, and is a founding and active member of the Japan Flaghunt Association. Her vision is to link this highly-competitive new sport to the revitalization of local areas in Japan, and the organization has already grown to over 3,000 members.

Miki eaned Master’s in International Relations from Ritsumeikan University. She is a certified CTI Co-Active Coach and Japan Professional Counseling Association Certified Counsellor.