Qi Chen



Qi Chen
Professional Associate




Qi Chen is a senior HR consultant and coach who takes a holistic approach to her work. Her aim is fulfilling her life through helping others to realize their goals and dreams professionally and personally.

With 20 years of experience in multi-national companies, training in the field of psychology, and strong coaching abilities, Qi works with a wide range of leaders. Common themes in her work include helping people make the journey from leading self to leading organizations, from thinking alone to thinking together, from being to achieving in career management and from resisting to embracing when it comes to dealing with change.

Qi started her professional career in 1992 with Glaxo Pharmaceutical, first as medical representative and later regional sales manager. She entered the HR profession with Shell Petroleum as a learning consultant and then at Baxter Healthcare as business partner and talent management manager. Qi later joined GE Infrastructure Asia in 2004 as an organization development manager and grew that into an HR Director role at GE Advanced Materials China/Asia. Most recently, Qi served as HR Director for Grundfos Pump before moving into her current role.

Qi holds a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Medical School, Beijing University and a Master’s degree in Psycho Counseling and Therapy from Beijing University and Hong Kong Chinese University. She is also a certified executive coach from Coaching Australia and International Coach Academy (ICA) and is a certified ACC through the International Coach Federation.