Taro Yasuda



Taro Yasuda
Blanchard JAPAN Senior Consultant
Managing Director of PFC China



“Organizations are not machines, they are alive, and thus they are always changing. It takes vigilance to perceive subtle changes and interpret how they influence individual personalities and group dynamics. Once we can do that we can help create organizational synergy that leads to productive cooperation.”

As co-author of the book Attraction & Retention/The Human Capital Strategy, Taro Yasuda’s expertise in human resources is the product of extensive research and practical experience in China and Japan.

From recruiting, training, and overseeing HR services for a major Japanese retail company to providing HR management consulting in Shanghai, Taro is aptly positioned to provide analysis of organizational issues, facilitate leadership development programs and oversee the implementation of skill training programs.

Fluent in Japanese, Chinese and English, Taro and specializes in the people-focused areas of designing and linking HR strategy to corporate strategy, designing internal communication plans, conducting HR due diligence, restructuring of HR functions and creating and implementing HR programs.

Taro earned his BA in business administration at Konan University in Kobe and has attended the Chinese studies program at Fudan University in Shanghai. He is a Ken Blanchard Companies certified trainer.