Yukiko Kuroda



Yukiko Kuroda
Managing Director / Founder




“At PFC, we are all authentic individuals who support each other as partners.  And that is exactly how we interact with our clients.”

As the founder of People Focus Consulting, Yukiko Kuroda is the key person responsible for our people power. She served as our president from 1994 to 2012.

Yukiko specializes in organization and leadership development, executive coaching and management training for corporations. As a well-respected bilingual speaker and facilitator, she is often asked to help executives attain new skills and insights in areas such as strategy development, leadership, change management and communication. She formerly worked as a senior consultant at a major U.S. management-consulting firm and as a marketing representative for Sony Corporation.

She has served as Board Member for a number of publicly-listed companies and is currently a Board Member of CAC Holdings, Mitsui Chemicals, Terumo Corporation, and Seven Bank. She is actively involved in global humanitarian issues, such as supporting refugees and developing training programs for the poor. 

Yukiko is the author several organizational development publications, such as Yuki no Keiei, OD Handbook, and has translated several English management books to Japanese, including John P. Kotter on What Leaders Really Do (John P. Kotter, 1991), Peak Performance (Jon R. Katzenbach, 2000) and The Facilitator Excellence Handbook (Fran Rees, 1998).