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【ウェビナー】真のサステナビリティを実現するために日本企業が今挑むべき5つのステップ / [Webinar] Five Steps Japanese Companies Must Take Now to Achieve True Sustainability

※Please find English information after the Japanese information.

~A “social ecosystem” approach advocated by Mr. Rishi Agarwal, FSG

Friday, October 1, 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 JST





 FSGは2000年に、ハーバード・ビジネス・スクール教授のマイケル・ポーター氏と、同スクール上級講師のマーク R. クラマー氏によって創立されたCSV(共通価値の創造)コンサルティングをグローバル規模で展開する団体で、アガワル氏はそのFSGマネージング・ディレクター兼アジア事業担当リーダー。PFCファウンダーで20年以上に渡り企業の社会的役割の促進に取り組み、数々の日本の大手企業の社外取締役も務める黒田由貴子とは、ハーバードビジネスレビューでの共著などで、協働しています。




パート1 :ソーシャルエコシステムとそのジレンマ  (リシ・アガワル氏)

  • ソーシャルエコシステムとは
  • 企業がこのジレンマに対処し、持続可能なソーシャル・インパクトを与えるには
  • 企業のための5つのステップ
  • 事例紹介

パート2:日本企業への示唆   (黒田由貴子)

  • グローバルにソーシャル・インパクトを与えることの重要性
  • 5つのステップを実施するにあたっての日本企業へのアドバイス


2021年10月1日(金) 14:00~15:30 




リシ・アガワル(Rishi Agarwal)

黒田 由貴子(Kuroda Yukiko)




※ アクセス情報は、お申込み頂いた方に研修日約1週間前および前日にご案内いたします。


お問合せはメール( pfc@peoplefocus.co.jp )にて承ります。


[Webinar] Five Steps Japanese Companies Must Take Now to Achieve True Sustainability
~A “social ecosystem” approach advocated by Mr. Rishi Agarwal, FSG

Friday, October 1, 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 JST

Many companies are now advocating their commitment to the SDGs and have made solving social issues through their business a part of their company’s path. On the other hand, companies are now questioning whether they are just “SDG-washing” (e.g, all talk, no action) or just not meaningfully contributing to solving societal issues. It is not enough to show the connection between the 17 goals of the SDGs and your business. Organizations must also quantitatively show how much benefit they have actually brought to society.

Under these circumstances, Japanese companies often say, “We cannot solve societal issues by ourselves.” This is precisely why a “social ecosystem” approach is essential.

“In recent years, the term “social ecosystem” has been used as a business term that means “building a relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity through collaboration with stakeholders.”

A prominent advocate of this “social ecosystem” approach is Mr. Rishi Agarwal of FSG.

FSG was founded in 2000 by Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Mark R. Kramer, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, to provide CSV (Creating Shared Value) consulting services on a global scale. Mr. Agarwal is the Managing Director and Head of FSG’s Asia Operations. He will be joined by Ms. Yukiko Kuroda, Founder of People Focus Consulting.  She has promoted the role of corporations in creating social impact over the last 20 years and is also an external board member of several publicly listed Japanese companies.

In this webinar, the two will discuss the following topics.
(The presenters’ remarks will be simultaneously translated into English or Japanese.)

Webinar Agenda

Note: agenda subject to change.

Part 1: The Social Ecosystem Dilemma (Mr. Rishi Agarwal)

– What is a Social Ecosystem?
– How companies can address social ecosystem dilemmas and have a sustainable social impact
– Five Steps companies can take
– Case Study

Part 2: Implications for Japanese companies (Ms. Yukiko Kuroda)

– The importance of making a global social impact
– Advice for Japanese companies in implementing the Five Steps

Date & Time

October 1, 2021 (Friday) 14:00 – 15:30
(virtual conference room doors will open at 13:50)

Target audience

  • Management and corporate planning departments
  • Those in charge of CSR, CSV, SDGs and other social businesses
  • Employees of Japanese corporations who are interested in this topic

About the Speakers

Mr. Rishi Agarwal
Rishi Agarwal is the Managing Director and Asia Business Leader of FSG. Based in Mumbai, Rishi is focused on leveraging his experience in corporate strategy to drive sustainable social change based on market-based solutions.

Ms. Yukiko Kuroda
Yukiko Kuroda is a Managing Director and the Founder of People Focus Consulting. Yukiko also serves as an outside director for several major Japanese companies, including Terumo Corporation and Seven Bank, Ltd.


Free of charge

Venue and Seminar Language

The seminar will be conducted via Zoom.
Access information will be provided approximately one week prior to the webinar.  In addition, a reminder email with access information will be sent one day before the event.

Simultaneous English to Japanese and Japanese to English interpretation will be provided for the presenters.

Webinar Registration and Inquiries

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to pfc@peoplefocus.co.jp.